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The Nessie Hunters
Richard Carter
(Richard Carter)

Re Analysis of the Dinsdale Film

It was around 15 years ago when my interests first started on the mystery known as the Loch Ness Monster.
After reading articles in the un-explained magazine and other mystery books I decided that one day I would visit the Loch just to satisfy my curiosity. It was not until nine years ago that my family was old enough and I could afford to take a holiday in the Loch Ness area. Like most people on their first visit to the Loch even after reading about the size of this stretch of water I was amazed just how big Loch Ness is. The vast area of water that stretches out in front of you as far as the eye can see, plus the great depth of 754ft, surely if a monster wanted somewhere to hide this would be the place. While I was there I bought Nicholas Witchells book and read it several times.

I returned to Loch Ness the year after for a two week holiday with my family and since then I return to the Loch three times a year, usually on my own.
Over the next two years I read everything I could on the subject and like most people new to the Loch Ness monster took everything at face value.
It is only after you re-read the books and talk to people who share an interest in the mystery that you start to realise that the evidence is not what it seems and to really understand why the mystery is not so easy to piece together and solve is because not all the classic sightings and photos are not the solid proof they seem to be.
It was early in 1996 when I was watching a video on Loch Ness when they showed Tim Dinsdale's cine film from April 23 1960. The video showed the hump moving parallel to the far shore then the marker boat he sent out for comparison, telling us that the two are totally different. But as I watched the similarities were so obvious, he had filmed a boat and the only difference was that the hump was filmed under bad light conditions, where the marker boat was filmed later on and was white. I decided to read everything I could on Tim's piece of film and any analysis done on it since.

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