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New Loch Ness Mystery

George Edwards
Auxiliary Coastguard George Edwards

A new Loch Ness mystery has unfolded with the discovery of a huge underwater cavern which sections of the media have dubbed 'Nessie's Lair'. Auxiliary coastguard and Drumnadrochit businessman George Edwards made this spectacular find when he was on a coastguard training exercise on the Loch. He picked up an abnormal signal on his sonar. The depth of the Loch is around 750 ft, and as he made a circular manoeuvre with his boat he got a reading of 812 ft on his sonar equipment. George, who over the years has seen many strange shapes on the Loch, has been a tour boat operator for 12 years. His findings have been quoted by experts as 'the most significant in years', but it has only come to light now as he was fearful of being accused of promoting self-interest. Being a firm Nessie believer, George says there must be more than one creature in the Loch and this cavern could lead to a network of caves. He feels the time has come to investigate the underwater caves and has been contacted by a North Sea oil company offering equipment and experts to seek out 'Nessie's Lair'.

Sonar readout of loch bed Sonar readout of Loch Ness
These are sonar readings George took on his travels in his boat showing the contours of the Loch. The picture on the left shows the steep sides of Loch Ness and the right picture shows a very flat bottom.

Actual sonar picture of 'Nessie's Lair'
©George Edwards
We are now free to show you the actual sonar contact made by Captain George Edwards of the 'Nessie Hunter'. The sonar picture highlights the cavern now called 'Edwards' Deep'.

As this exciting mystery unfolds we will keep you informed of developments as they occur, and hopefully we will have more photographs and information for you. We here at Ness-Scape and Legend of Nessie know George personally and know him to be honest and reliable.

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