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Launch of The Official Nessie Fan Club!
Las Vegas, N.V. (U.S.A.)

R.L.P. Entertainment have announced the launch date of the Official Nessie Fan Club and Internet site in the U.S. as December 3rd 1997. At first, the site will be limited to an introduction page with links to other official Nessie sites, including "Legend of Nessie" and other corporate sponsors.

The site will offer visitors the chance to become a member of the fan club and purchase the Official Membership Kit which comes with the Official Fan Club Membership Card and Secret Password for access to "The Loch Ness Files", featuring exclusive Nessie games and other activities designed for children and fans of the famed Loch Ness Monster, including a music section that allows members to compose their own music and jam in concert with Nessie and his friends from the animated feature film which is now in production.

The open section of the site (public areas) will promote the animated feature "Nessie", now in production, including a fact page filled with interesting facts about the legend of Loch Ness and mysterious monster. A picture gallery featuring drawings and artistic masterpieces submitted by children from around the world will lead visitors to a virtual tour into the depths of Loch Ness itself.

Club Members can visit the "Adventures of Nessie", a story section featuring stories and adventures as read by Nessie himself using the latest advances in digital and animation technology for the web. Producers of the site plan to build the site into a multi-media playground where Club Members and visitors can participate in fantastic contest giveaways, test play new video games and enjoy other special features as only that whimsical wizard of myth, magic and wonder, Nessie can create.

Included on the site is the "Nessie Shop" featuring merchandise created just for the fan club and animated movie. Everything Nessie and Scotland can be found in this unique shopping mall.

Membership to the Nessie-FanClub is free. The Kit includes special free one of a kind Nessie items, including stickers, pencils, a Nessie colour me folder-notebook, book covers, buttons and more neat stuff to show off your affiliation for the world's most famous monster. Members receive special surprises throughout the year from Nessie himself, it's truly a monster fun time for everyone who visits the site.

The animated feature film "Nessie" is in production and it will be announced on the Nessie Fan Club Site and Legend of Nessie site when it will be released.

The Nessie-FanClub has now been launched, at last the address you have been waiting for is:

The Official Nessie Fan Club ?  Broken  ?

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