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Established December 3rd, 1996
         Saturday 31st March 2001
Issue No 225

Scotland: For Sale

Suddenly, it's trendy to come to Scotland. A-list celebrities Prince William, Madonna and Donatella Versace are queuing up to give glowing endorsements of all things Scottish.

And top fashion houses are helping to redefine our shortbread tin image and shape the future for the 21st century. Harris tweeds are back on the catwalks in Paris, Milan and New York and Burberry have just completed a fashion shoot with Scots supermodel Stella Tennant at her father's Perthshire estate. Borders knitwear company Pringle, once the preserve of middle aged golfers and bland comedians, has also undergone an amazing renaissance recently under chief executive Kim Winser. Even the Royal and Ancient, the guardians of golf at St Andrews, have announced plans to cash in on their image to compete with Nike and Adidas in the sports fashion world. The home of golf is also a favourite of Hollywood big hitters such as Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones, Clint Eastwood and basketball star Michael Jordan. Madonna reinvented Scotland as a glamorous destination following her wedding to Guy Ritchie in December, which boosted the fragile Dornoch economy by 2 million. Prince William has played a vital role in promoting the country abroad by snubbing Oxbridge in favour of study at St Andrews. He is already planning a series of visits here in the coming months in a bid to dilute the inevitable media hype when he eventually arrives in Fife in October. Following Madonna's example, several hotels in Sutherland are booked up until the end of the year with couples from around the world keen to sample a similar experience. Tourist officials are also anxious to use her recent comments in a US magazine. Madonna said: "Scotland is magical, beautiful and Scots are great. It was like family, instantly. We couldn't have found a better place to do it. I can't tell you how glad I was that we made that choice." She was backed by fashion queen Donatella Versace, her maid of honour at Skibo Castle, who now plans to take her children to the Highlands for their holidays. She said: "I am going to take my children to Skibo for the summer. It is wonderful. "At the wedding, we went for long walks and saw eagles. I love the history. You feel it the second you put your foot in the door." Trendy London designers Antoni and Alison recently took a break from city life on the Mull of Kintyre, and area of the country long revered by Sir Paul McCartney. Antoni said: "We had no telephone and only had electricity occasionally. A friend came with us and the three of us were in this huge, scary, remote old mill with a big cellar. "At night, it was pitch black outside. It was just like Scooby Doo." Titanic star Kate Winslet honeymooned near Dunoon with her husband Jamie Threapleton and they have just returned to London with baby daughter Mia after another Scots holiday. Winslet said: "The location is simply wonderful, unique. We arrived in darkness and woke to find a misty glen and beautiful forest. It was like waking up in paradise." Companies such as Pringle have also helped boost Scotland's profile, particularly the new range which has found favour with Madonna, Robbie Williams, Liam Gallagher and Jamie Oliver. But it was footballer David Beckham who helped boost the company's profile to new heights when he bought four argyle jumpers and wore one to his much publicised autobiography launch. All the big star will tell you, sexy Scotland is THE place to be this year.

High Value Find

Platinum, one of the world's most precious metals, has been discovered on Skye, Rhum and Mull. The latest find by geologists was in the Cuillin mountain range on Skye. The platinum sites on the three islands are in rocks of similar age, composition and origin. The team from Camborne School of Mines - part of Exeter University - and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Australia first found platinum on Rhum in 1999. Now they have found the precious metal on Mull and Skye - though they say the deposits are too small to be viably mined. The potential exists for commercial deposits although these are likely to be in East Greenland. The geologists still hail the Scottish finds as significant. "The discovery of one mineral deposit is a rare event. To discover three deposits in two years in an area that, geologically, has been intensely studied is a great achievement," said Duncan Pirrie, one of the geologists. Although they are scientifically important, the platinum palladium deposits on both Mull and Skye are relatively small and would not be viable to mine. The platinum grains are so small they cannot be seen without an electron microscope with magnifications over 200 times.

Scenic Skye Opened Up

Public access to one of the most attractive parts of Skye is being improved and upgraded by the agencies now in charge of the island's Orbost Estate. A 1.5 kilometre stretch of the footpath which leads from Orbost Farm to the spectacular cliff scenery at the southern tip of the estate is being restored. This will make it easier for walkers to see the famous MacLeod's Maidens rock pinnacles. The eight kilometre route from the farm to the cliff top viewpoint is a long standing one, and popular with walkers. The first part runs through the Bharcasaig forestry plantation which Highlands and Islands Enterprise have acquired from previous owners, and reunited with the rest of the estate. Here the route follows well maintained forest tracks and is easy going. Beyond the plantation, however, the path had badly deteriorated and was seriously eroded. Now, with investment, the first 1.5km of this path is being reconstructed and resurfaced. This fulfills a promise made three years ago, when the estate was bought by HIE. The work is being carried out by a local contractor, Donald Ross of Skye Conservation, and is being supervised by Kevin Sutton, Orbost's woodland manager with technical assistance from Donald Kennedy, Skye and Lochalsh footpath officer. Karen MacAskill, and advisor with HIE's community land unit, said: "One of the local concerns when the Orbost Estate came on the market three years ago was that the estate might fall into the hands of someone who'd be less than welcoming to walkers. "We made it clear then that, if our bid was successful, we'd have an open door policy to ensure that everyone - locals and visitors alike - would be welcome to walk on Orbost. That's why we're delighted to be making it easier for people to take advantage of one of Skye's most outstanding walks. It is also our aim to improve further sections of the MacLeod's Maiden's footpath if or when funds permit."

Scaling Heights for Water

An Inverness engineer is hoping to pipe two Tanzanian villages into clean water by climbing Kilimanjaro. Jonathan Appleby is attempting to raise more than 4000 for WaterAid which helps provide water supplies in developing countries. "I am hoping to raise at least 4000 which will be enough to provide two villages in Tanzania with water," said Mr Appleby. "The money goes a long way out there - you certainly couldn't do the same in this country for that money." His high altitude adventure begins in July and he will take 12 days to tackle the 19,340 foot peak. "It is the highest peak I have ever done," said the water engineer. "It is the same as six Munroes." His training includes a lot of running as well as walking and climbing and he has written to a number of companies in the water industry for support. He said: "My own company -Halcrow - and the North of Scotland Water Authority have both agreed to sponsor me by several hundred pounds, but I am still looking for a lot more."

Hint from the 1920s

Royal approval of Inverness's claims to be a city appear to date back further than the formal endorsement recently by the Queen. Highland Council's archivist, Bob Steward, has uncovered documents from 1929 relating to a visit by the then Duke and Duchess of York (later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth). They include an album of pictures and a thank you note to the Provost, Alexander MacEwan. Paying warm tribute to the efforts of local officials in making the trip such an enjoyable one, the letter refers to "how much (we) enjoyed the visit to your city..." The discovery put a smile on the face of Mr Steward as he sifted through papers concerning the couple's visit to Inverness on the 17th May, 1929. Their programme included opening a wing at the Royal Northern Infirmary. Said Mr Steward of the year 2000 accolade: "We expect there will be an official document relating to city status. We hope it will be displayed somewhere that people can see it."

Tartan for Children

A talented Scottish designer who set up in business only three months ago unveiled the world's first tartan specifically for children. Sharon McAllister of Tullibody, Clackmannanshire, designed the plaid on her home computer using her nine month old son, Reece, as inspiration. She set up Scottish Baby Gifts in October of last year after becoming frustrated by the lack of Scotland related children's clothing on the market. Her distinctive range of hats, scarves and baby blankets, called MacClacks, went on sale on the Internet and has proved successful with mothers throughout the world. Miss McAllister even sent a MacClacks bonnet and scarf for Madonna's baby son, Rocco. She said she had decided to extend the range to incorporate a tartan to be worn only by children. And she hoped the design, made up of six different colours and called "the child", would encourage more youngsters to wear Scotland's national dress. Speaking at the launch of the tartan at the Chapel Royal in Stirling Castle, she said: "I wanted to design something which stood out from the other tartans on the market. "Most of them are made up of very dark colours, whereas the children's tartan is very bright and colourful. "The childrens tartan will enable them to stand out and hopefully encourage then to wear tartan." A spokesman for the Scottish Tourist Board said: "All ages should be able to enjoy tartan as much as possible, so if there is one specifically for children it will hopefully get them interested in it. Sharon has obviously tapped into a market that nobody else has thought of, so good luck to her." But Duncan Paisley, president of the Scottish Tartan Society, said there were now too many tartans on the market. He said: "We will certainly note the children's tartan on our registers as we are obliged to do with any design which is unique. However, it is quite ridiculous that we have such a proliferation of tartans in existence. "Any child, so long as they have connections with a family or a clan, can wear that tartan so why have a children's tartan?"

Flag Clash Resolved?

Scotland's leading authority on flags has ruled that the Union Flag - rather than the Saltire - should fly from the top of a prominent Moray landmark. But the Ross Herald, Charles Burnett, has conceded it would be in order to fly both flags over Nelson Tower at Forres, provided the Union Flag took precedence. He said it would only be appropriate to fly the Saltire on its own on St Andrew's Day. The Ross Herald, a member of the Lyon Court which oversees issues relating to Scottish heraldry, was asked to adjudicate by Moray Council following a row over which flag should be flown from the top of the 90ft tower. The controversy was sparked when the Saltire, which had been flown from the tower during the summer months since 1996, was suddenly replaced by the Union Flag last year. The switch was made after it was pointed out to council officials that the tower was built as a monument to the British naval victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

Charity Event

Four Inverness pals who put on a fashion show to help a local kids' charity raised 111 through their efforts recently. The friends decided to raise the money for Children 1st - which has a base in Inverness - and came up with the idea of putting on a fashion show. The resourceful youngsters scoured charity shops for some eye catching gear and then staged the show at Trinity Church. A spokeswoman for Children 1st said: "We're delighted - it was a wonderful effort.

Political Roundup

Services for Rural Areas

The delivery of services to rural areas like the Highlands is to be the subject of a top level conference in Inverness later this year, it has been announced. Rural Affairs Minister Ross Finnie made the announcement and also pledged rural communities would be given a major say in the way services are delivered. The services conference will take place next month and will be staged in conjunction with Highland Council.

Highland Weather Forecast

Saturday Afternoon
Cloudy/rain then brighter/showers. Winds strong/gale W-SW. Temperature 9c to 12c.
Saturday Night
Dry in E, clear spells. Showers in W and N. Winds SW'ly strong/gale easing fresh.Temperature 4c to 6c.
Mostly dry with sunny spells to the N. Cloudier with rain at times E-NE am and to the S pm.
Mostly cloudy though sunshine developing in W parts pm. Light rain in E parts. Light SW'ly winds.

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