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Index of Waterbased Monster Sightings

Nessie Salmon Fishing

Observer: D Mackenzie
Time: 1200
Date: October 1871
Motion: Slow, then moved off at speed
Description: Log like, then up-turned boat

Observer: Roderick Matheson
Time: Unknown
Date: 1885
Motion: Forward
Description: Described as the biggest thing I ever saw in my Life, neck like a horse with a mane.

Observer: Alexander Macdonald
Time: Early morning
Date: 1888
Description: He called it salamander-like.

Observer: Salmon Angler, Forester, Hotel Keeper and Fishing Ghillies
Time: Unknown
Date: 1895
Description: Observers reported that a horrible great beastie appeared in Loch Ness

Observer: F Fraser, 2 others
Time: Afternoon
Date: December 1903
Motion: Could not get closer by rowing towards it.
Description: Hump like upturned boat

Observer: John Macleod
Time: Unknown
Date: 1908
Motion: Motionless, then moved off
Description: Long tapering tail, eel-like head. 30-40ft, creature lying in the water, flush with surface

Observer: William Miller and D McGillvray
Time: 0730
Date: May 10th 1923
Motion: Stationary, moved off in arc, submerged.
Description: 10-12ft like up-turned boat.

Observer: Mrs Cumming and D McGillvray
Time: 0930
Date: August 1929
Motion: Motionless, sank with a splash
Description: Hump size of horse's body

Observer: Ian J. Milne
Time: 0730
Date: July 14th 1930
Motion: Splash, moved in an arc at 16-17mph, submerged
Description: 2 or 3 shallow humps undulating along back.

Observer: James Cameron
Time: 1600
Date: Feb 7th 1932
Motion: Little or none, sank
Description: Hump like up-turned boat

Observer: Mrs Kirton and P.F.Grant
Time: 1145
Date: 1933
Motion: Disturbance, moved about, great speed, disappeared and re-appeared 100yds away
Description: 6ft by 1ft hump

Observer: Mr and Mrs Mackay
Time: 1500
Date: April 14th 1933
Motion: Commotion, wake, then humps, turned in arc then sank
Description: 20ft overall, 2 humps, one larger

Observer: Alexander Shaw and Alister Shaw
Time: 1700 to 1800
Date: may 11th 1933
Motion: Wake, then hump moving faster than a rowing boat.
Description: 8ft hump like a log

Observer: Miss N Smith
Time: 1400
Date: August 5th 1933
Motion: Moved circling, submerged
Description: 1 hump, size of a rowing boat

Observer: Miss P Keyes, R.A.R. Meiklem and Mrs Meiklem
Time: 1500
Date: August 5th 1933
Motion: Moved back and forth, submerged
Description: 1 hump,(4-6ft) seen end on with ridge (size of cart horse)

Observer: Mr A. H. Palmer
Time: 0700
Date: August 11th 1933
Motion: Disturbance, wake, saw head, moved off
Description: Head set low in the water, front view, mouth opening and closing. Width of mouth 12-18 inches, opened 6inches

Observer: Mr G McQueen
Time: 1430
Date: August 1933
Motion: Moving slightly, ripples, sank
Description: 12ft by 4ft hump

Observer: Mr John Cameron
Time: 1730
Date: August 15th 1933
Motion: Moving fast, V shaped ripple.
Description: 15ft long, hump about 8inches up, like floating telegraph pole.

Observer: Mrs E Garden Scott
Time: 1100
Date: August 16th 1933
Motion: Submerged
Description: Hump like an up-turned boat

Observer: Mrs B McDonell and Mrs Sutherland
Time: 0900
Date: August 25th 1933
Motion: Moving in an undulating way, submerged
Description: Hump with disturbances 20ft behind

Observer: Mr W. D. H. Moir
Time: 2115
Date: August 26th 1933
Motion: Wash, then moving hump, submerged
Description: Long sloping hump, 40ft by 5ft

Observer: Mrs J Simpson
Time: 0900
Date: October 22nd 1933
Motion: Dived
Description: Impression of 2 flippers

Observer: Mr A Gillies
Time: 1130
Date: October 22nd 1933
Motion: Foam disturbance, submerged, re-appeared
Description: Single hump, 2 to3ft out of water

Observer: Miss C MacDonald
Time: 1245
Date: October 22nd 1933
Motion: Moving slowly, V shaped ripple
Description: Single hump, splashing either side toward front.

Observer: Mr C Macrae and Mr J Mackinnon
Time: 1400
Date: November 10th 1933
Motion: Splashing, sank and rose 2-3 times
Description: Single hump like up-turned boat, 25ft by 2ft

Observer: Miss N Simpson
Time: 0900
Date: November 20th 1933
Motion: Motionless, sank, V-shaped wash
Description: One low hump and one small hump, 30ft overall

Observer: Mr G Jamieson
Time: 1100
Date: December 27th 1933
Motion: Moved across Loch, rapidly dived when car horn sounded
Description: Two humps 15 to 20ft overall by 2ft and 3ft

Observer: Mr Howard Carson
Time: 1825
Date: January 30th 1934
Motion: Wash, moving slowly, submerged.
Description: 2 humps 2ft by 3ft, 13ft overall including head and neck

Observer: Mrs M MacLennan
Time: 1620
Date: February 25th 1934
Motion: Turned from side to side, submerged, left wash.
Description: Neck was 6ft round column, top small pointed.

Observer: Mr William Mackay
Time: 1030
Date: July 12th 1934
Motion: Slowly moving streak on the water, later object appeared, disappeared
Description: Single object

Observer: Mr William Mackay and Mr William Campbell
Time: 1630
Date: July 12th 1934
Motion: Surfaced 5 times then moved off
Description: 2 humps, 6ft apart.

Observer: Mr R. J. Scott
Time: 1240
Date: July 12th 1934
Motion: Appeared to swim on it's side, fin or mane where neck and body met.
Description: Overall 18 to 24ft long, body 2ft out with 3 humps above

Observer: Mr J. Mackintosh
Time: 1015
Date: July 16th 1934
Motion: Moved slowly.
Description: 2 humps 3ft out of water, 3ft apart, 15ft overall

Observer: Mr A Ross
Time: 0820
Date: July 17th 1934
Motion: Turned over and dived
Description: Single hump, 20ft long by 2ft

Observer: Mr D Ralph
Time: 1520
Date: July 24th 1934
Motion: Submerged, no wash.
Description: Hump 8ft by 1.5ft

Observer: Mr P Grant and Mr James Legge
Time: 1020
Date: July 27th 1934
Motion: Moving slowly (50 yds)
Description: Hump, 15ft long.

Observer: Mr R. J. Scott and Mr Evan Strang
Time: 0945
Date: July 30th 1934
Motion: Moving slowly, submerged, re-appeared, submerged.
Description: Hump 14ft, 3 portions showing, second appearance 4ft.

Observer: Sir Murdock MacDonald and son and one other observer
Time: 1800
Date: August 8th 1934
Motion: Moved slowly, about 100yds in five minutes.
Description: 2 humps, 15ft overall.

Observer: Mrs Marjory Moir, Mrs Grant Shewglie and 3 others
Time: Afternoon
Date: October 1936
Motion: Head-neck dipped into water often, stationary, turned, shot off, returned head-neck only showing, wake.
Description: 3 humps, 30ft overall, middle hump was largest.

Observer: S Grant and Mr Scott
Time: 1100
Date: January 8th 1943
Motion: Not recorded
Description: Observed a moving animal and a second object disturbing the water.

Observer: C. B. Farrel
Time: 0515
Date: May 1943
Motion: Submerged
Description: Single hump, overall size 25-30ft

Observer: Mr and Mrs Donald MacIver and daughter and 2 cyclists
Time: 1700
Date: July 1947
Motion: Moved at speed.
Description: Single object

Observer: W. H. Davidson, Mother and Sister, Mrs Cary
Time: 0930
Date: July 1954
Motion: V shaped wake, 5 to 6 mph, submerged several times.
Description: Single hump, 30ft by 3ft

Observer: Mr and Mrs Alan Graham Oxford-Cambridge party
Time: 0615
Date: July 1956
Motion: Surfaced, stationary 4 mins, moved off at a fair speed, wash, submerged.
Description: Single hump, 4ft by 1.5ft

Observer: Peter O'Connor
Time: 1000
Date: July 3rd 1960
Motion: Two separate and parallel wakes 4 to 8mph.
Description: one or two specks at head of a wake

Observer: Bruce Ing
Time: 1850
Date: July 10th 1960
Motion: Moved along, bow waved.
Description: 8 to 10ft by 1.5 to 2ft hump.

Observer: Husband and wife Smiths and crew of small yacht
Time: 1640
Date: August 7th 1960
Motion: Wash, moved 9 to 10mph, 2 pairs of splashes.
Description: Single hump 10ft by a few inches.

Observer: Rev and Mrs W. L. Dobb and son
Time: 1515
Date: August 13th 1960
Motion: Wake, appeared and disappeared.
Description: Single hump, disappeared, then 2 humps.

Observer: Mr McIntosh and Mr Cameron
Time: 2230
Date: 1961
Motion: Saw something cutting water, head-neck appeared vertically, sank, re-appeared, sank, re-appeared, submerged.
Description: Single hump.

Observer: F.W. Holiday
Time: 0600
Date: August 24th 1962
Motion: Plunged under.
Description: 40 to 45ft object 3ft out, observed to taper either end below surface.

Observer: Alastair Grant and Mr Ayton
Time: 1930
Date: August 1963
Motion: Wash from front, submerged, re-appeared momentarily
Description: At least 4 humps, 35 to 40ft overall

Observer: Peter and Pauline Hodge
Time: 0815
Date: May 21st 1964
Motion: Moved off when car door slammed
Description: Pole-like object.

Observer: Miss E. M. J. Keith of Rothienorman and James T. Ballantyne
Time: 1920
Date: March 30th 1965
Motion: Commotion, wake, sank twice, moved at speed.
Description: Observed part of body.

Observer: F. W. Holiday, William Fraser and John Cameron
Time: 2230
Date: June 1965
Motion: As moved faster, profile elongated, submerged several times.
Description: Single hump like overturned whale boat, dark ridge at top, 10ft by 5 to 6ft

Observer: Edward and Vivianne Elliott
Time: 0700
Date: September 30th 1965
Motion: Saw wash 15 mins earlier, sank slowly.
Description: Object protruding

Observer: Mr and Mrs Alistair Macdonald
Time: 1430
Date: May 28th 1966
Description: 3 humps 25 to 30ft overall

Observer: Mr and Mrs Pommitz
Time: 1005
Date: May 29th 1966
Motion: Wake, moved in jerks
Description: Single hump

Observer: Mae Macdonald and Sylvia Paterson
Time: 1115
Date: May 31st 1966
Motion: Moving fast
Description: 3 Humps.

Observer: B M Cameron and niece
Time: 0945
Date: June 13th 1966
Motion: Moving at 17 mph
Description: Small object at head of disturbance

Observer: F S Young
Time: 0730
Date: June 14th 1966
Motion: Appeared 3 times in centre of disturbance
Description: Object in centre of disturbance

Observer: Lena Holmgren
Time: 1030
Date: June 20th 1966
Motion: Submerged when observers screamed
Description: Single object

Observer: R W Swan
Time: 1513
Date: June 29th 1966
Motion: Gentle surface swimming
Description: Single hump 15-20ft

Observer: Heather Cary and Mother
Time: 0800
Date: July 28th 1966
Motion: Disturbance
Description: Single hump

Observer: M Pool
Time: 0920
Date: September 5th 1966
Motion: Stationary, not bobbing, wake breaking against it
Description: 6-7ft by 4ft hump, like upturned boat

Observer: Angela Veitch
Time: 1800
Date: September 25th 1966
Motion: Disturbance
Description: 10ft object

Observer: David Wathen
Time: 1900
Date: March 1967
Motion: Commotion, moved around in arc, submerged slowly, appeared to fall over sideways.
Description: 2 humps approximately 15ft

Observer: Peter Davies
Time: 1720
Date: August 6th 1967
Motion: Submerged with turbulance
Description: Single object 10ft by 3 ft

Observer: Norman Schofield
Time: 0805
Date: August 7th 1967
Motion: Small object submerged, re-appeared with large hump, submerged
Description: Single hump, triangular 10ft, overall 20-30ft

Observer: Dennis Gartrell
Time: 1205
Date: August 22nd 1967
Motion: Quickly rose up and curling, hit water with commotion
Description: 8ft long, flexible

Observer: Dennis Bland
Time: 1545
Date: September 20th 1967
Motion: Small wave moving along, slowly submerged, wake
Description: Hump 9ft by 3ft

Observer: John Stroud
Time: 1502
Date: September 26th 1967
Motion: Stationary, partially submerged
Description: Long 20ft object

Observer: Miss C Sanders
Time: 1730
Date: April 18th 1968
Motion: Sank slowly, vertically
Description: 2 humps 15ft overall

Observer: Philip Bull and Howard Pratt
Time: 2200
Date: May 5th 1968
Motion: Cruising fast, wash, disappeared
Description: Single 10-12ft hump

Observer: Fred Deacon and Mrs Deacon
Time: 1120
Date: July 10th 1968
Motion: Ripple, surfaced, travelled slowly, submerged
Description: Long body

Observer: Mr and Mrs E A Grummet and son
Time: 1115
Date: September 4th 1968
Motion: Stationary, sumerged twice, final submergance when boat appeared
Description: Spherical hump 3ft by 2ft

Observer: Cmdr R K Silcock and Mrs Silcock
Time: 1530
Date: September 19th 1968
Motion: Broke surface cruising along, submerged 3 times, V-shaped wash
Description: 6-8ft hump

Observer: J F M MacLeod
Time: 0830
Date: November 6th 1968
Motion: Slammed door, splash, ripples moved towards centre of the Loch
Description: Neck 4ft long held at 70 degree angle

Observer: Bruce Marshall and Bill Jobes
Time: 1045
Date: April 7th 1969
Motion: Moved at great speed, disappeared, re-appeared, sank
Description: Single hump, then 2 humps, 20-24ft overall

Observer: Mr and Mrs D Clayton and Mr and Mrs Maurice Smith
Time: 1530
Date: July 26th 1969
Motion: Moved 6-7 mph, submerged, wake
Description: Single hump 6ft by 3ft

Observer: R A Moyse, two sons and a friend
Time: 2030
Date: August 1st 1969
Motion: Moved at 3 mph, submerged
Description: 3 humped object, 20-30ft by 12-14 inches

Observer: Mr and Mrs Geoffrey Craven and 2 children
Time: 0920
Date: August 6th 1969
Motion: Disturbance, surfaced, submerged
Description: 2 humped object, 25-30ft by 3-4ft

Observer: Mr Jenkyns
Time: 1145
Date: November 10th 1973
Motion: Emerged, submerged
Description: A rigid pole-like object.

Observer: Paul H. Biermasz
Time: 10-1100
Date: July 17th 1979
Motion: Speeding from shore
Description: Black object

Observer: Bill Kinder
Time: 1000
Date: April 9th 1996
Motion: Rising out of water
Description: Two humps

Observer: Two people
Time: unknown
Date: April 10th 1996
Motion: Moving across Loch
Description: Two large brown shapes

Observer: Jonathan Murphy
Time: unknown
Date: May 14th 1996
Motion: unknown
Description: Strange object which was photographed

Observer: Staff at Craigdarroch House Hotel
Time: 2030
Date: June 13th 1996
Motion: Zig-zagged across water
Description: Large disturbance followed by a wake

Observer: Emilio Demnio and Nikhi Bayeri
Time: 1415
Date: July 21st 1996
Motion: Emerged, submerged
Description: Large dark hump

Observer: Nick Watson and two others
Time: 1730
Date: August 1st 1996
Motion: Water disturbance
Description: Black hump

Observer: Craig Kerr
Time: unknown
Date: August 18th 1996
Motion: Emerged
Description: Photographed head and neck

Observer: Staff at Clansman Hotel
Time: Around noon
Date: 1996
Motion: Emerged, submerged
Description: Several black humps

Observer: Frank Meyer
Time: 0845
Date: September 1996
Motion: Floating under surface
Description: Dark object

Observer: South African holidaymaker
Time: unknown
Date: March 21st 1997
Motion: Emerged
Description: Two humps

Observer: Film Crew
Time: 0900
Date: June 21st 1997
Motion: Moving fast across Loch
Description: Dark object

Observer: Tourist from England
Time: 0855
Date: May 30th 1998
Motion: Emerged
Description: Large object

Observer: Adam and Mark Sutherland, Peter Gillies and Peter Rhind
Time: 0500
Date: June 17th 1998
Motion: Emerged, submerged
Description: Large object with long tail

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